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K4 7

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Improve a winning boat by keeping the good attributes of the Cinco while offering a better feeling of speed and direction.

Drag is composed by wet surface and the friction by creation of wave on displacement. The Sete K4 has a lot less surface that over compensates a slightly bigger wave creation coefficient, resulting in a smaller total drag. 

A new design that stays closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces the pitch and heading amplitude. The new shape was also thought to contribute for the rigidity of the boats.

Improved stiffness with Unidirectional Carbon placed as a structural reinforcement net. 100% carbon reinforced rim adds rigidity on a structural part of the boat.

Similar top speed, when compared with the Cinco, but with an improved speed loss curve, resulting in a more efficient boat that sustains the top speed for longer. Less heading movement and better stability allows for more powerful strokes and smoother glide.

New steering system. New rudder blade 100% carbon and a new shape. New T-Bar with easy length adjustment. New cable ties. All combined for a more efficient and smoother steering solution.


Boat Dimensions 10 x 0.45 m 10 x 0.45 m 10 x 0.45 m 10 x 0.45 m
Cockpit 0.38 x 0.91 m 0.39 x 0.94 m 0.39 x 0.96 m 0.39 x 0.98 m
Seat to Footrest 0.73-0.91 m 0.74-1.05 m 0.79 - 1.1 m 0.92 - 1.12 m
Athlete Weight < 300 kg total 280 - 320 kg total 300 - 360 kg > 360 kg
Stability Level 1 1 1 1

Please note these sizes are guidelines only.  If you are towards the higher end of the weight range, we advise sizing up.  Speaking with your coach and trying different sizes is the best way to decide what size is right for you.


G: 28 Kg

SCS: 28 Kg


SCS Construction comes with the cover and weights needed to bring the boat to ICF legal racing weight.

Custom Designs are available on SCS construction only.  See our Design Services Page for more details.  For all other constructions, you may use the Nelo Design Tool to select your colour(s.) 

More information on Nelo constructions

    K4 7
    K4 7