K1 Cinco

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The cinco was updated in 2022 as part of Nelo's P24 Vanquish Update along with the Cinco K1 and Quattro K1.  See more info about the updates Sete, Cinco, and Quattro here!


The inverted hull bow keeps the boat closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces unwanted heading changes. With its streamlined deck the athlete is able to do the catch and push almost without noticing the deck is even there, in a new concept of total freedom of movement.Its tailored cockpit provide the most comfortable position possible in each one of the 6 different sizes available. The stern gives a huge support at the back for a quicker recovery effect out of the water, reducing pitch and heading movement. The new rudder has now a deeper profile for an increased heading stabilization without increasing drag or reducing turning rate.



Boat Dimensions 5.2 X 0.41 m 5.2 X 0.41 m 5.2 X 0.41 m 5.2 X 0.41 m 5.2 X 0.41 m 5.2 X 0.41 m
Cockpit 0.37 x 0.91 m 0.38 x 0.91 m 0.39 x 0.94 m 0.39 x 0.96 m 0.39 x 0.98 m 0.39 x 1.03 m
Seat to Footrest 0.65-0.93 m 0.73-0.91 m 0.74-1.05 m 0.79-1.1 m 0.92 - 1.12m 0.76-1.06 m
Athlete Weight < 65 kg 60 - 70 kg 70-80 kg 75-85 kg 85-95 kg > 90 kg
Stability Level 1 1 1 1 1 1

Please note these sizes are guidelines only.  If you are towards the higher end of the weight range, we advise sizing up.  Speaking with your coach and trying different sizes is the best way to decide what size is right for you.


E: 7 kg

F: 11 kg

G: 11 kg

SCS: 11 kg

WWR: 10 kg


SCS Construction comes with the cover and weights needed to bring the boat to ICF legal racing weight.

Custom Designs are available on SCS construction only.  See our Design Services Page for more details.  For all other constructions, you may use the Nelo Design Tool to select your colour(s.) 

More information on Nelo constructions