Braca Canoe Uni Super Fat

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Paddle will automatically come with carbon handle unless otherwise indicated.

Wood handle is $20 upgrade.  Please CLICK HERE to add to cart separately.  Price will be adjusted automatically at checkout.

Paddle will come with recommended stiffness by default. 

Paddle will come with default length to be cut to size.  Special orders can be customized to correct length from factory.


Brača Canoe Uni Super Fat is the line of Brača canoe sprint paddles designed and engineered to enable a quick, powerful and very smooth catch. This design facilitates application of all power in the beginning of the stroke and an effortless exit, while preventing stress to the hand and wrist by absorbing the entrance shock, therefore making the catch extremely smooth and efficient.

Canoe Paddle With Spline

The stabilizing central spline allows the paddler to perform the most effective straight strokes (it doesn't 'run aside') and steering against the wind becomes much easier.

The bottom edge of the blade has a 10mm taper to facilitate a clean, splash-free catch.

Adjustable Shaft System

All Brača Canoe Super Fat paddles are available with a fixed shaft or a Metal Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range) and allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easier transportation.


You can also choose the stiffness of the shaft. We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. See the shaft stiffness measurement prodecure and parameter table below.

Always clean your adjustable shaft regularly
When used in saltwater conditions, clean with freshwater after each use, otherwise disassemble and clean every three days. Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!
See the maintenance page for details.
Shaft Stiffness Measurement Process
Shaft Stiffness Measurement


Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   Blade* Shaft Carbon Content
Width 2
Brača Canoe Uni
Super Fat 21-21.5
48-50 21-21.5 20-20.5 2.4-2.6 100 100
Brača Canoe Uni
Super Fat 22
48-50 22 21 2.0-2.3 100 100
Brača Canoe Uni
Super Fat 22.5-23.5
50 22.5-23.5 21.5-22.5 1.8-1.9 100 100
Brača Canoe Uni
Super Fat 24-25
50 24-25 23-24 1.6-1.7 100 100

* Please specify exact size when ordering!
** Recommended stiffness. We recommend stiffer shafts for bigger blades but any combination is possible.